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Customer Testimonials

Could Not Be Happier

"We could not be happier with our Monkey Bars System. Our garage is beautiful and we love showing it off to everyone. Thanks..."

James & Kara - Grand Rapids, MI

Excellent to Work With

"Monkey Bars was excellent to work with. They came and looked at our garage and helped us decide what type of storage would be..."

Kent & Sage - Holland, MI

Top Notch

"Our Monkey Bars system is great! We’ve got a place to store and hang everything up off the ground so we can park both..."

Ted & Samantha - Mt Pleasant, MI

Quality Preparation

To ensure the best finished product, we take the appropriate steps in our preparation process.

garage floor coating grand rapids

Smoothing Preparation: To get rid of any imperfections, we use a diamond grinder. This tough grinder literally smooths away any imperfections that may be on the concrete.

Fill In Cracks: Using a top grade product, we fill in the cracks that are on the concrete. Leaving a smooth, beautiful surface for the top coat to be placed on.

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If you’re sick of the messy state of your garage, then it’s time to get organized. We can help. Just call or email us today to get started.

Garage Floor Coating Grand Rapids Benefits  

garage floor coating grand rapids

By using the highest grade top coats, we can prepare your garage floor coating in Grand Rapids to last for years to come.

Always A Clean Look: Using the amount of product that we use, and the way we use them allows for your garage floor coating in Grand Rapids to look clean, when it may be actually dirty. It’s great for any business homeowner who wants to spend their time doing more important things.

garage floor coating grand rapids

Putting It All Out On The Table

We don’t cut corners and we don’t hide secrets from you. That’s why we are so upfront about the steps in our preparation process. Take a look at our flooring cross section so you know what to expect.

More Than The Garage

With this great of products, you’ve got to spread the wealth! That’s why we provide garage floor coatings in Grand Rapids for other areas of the home too.

-Downstairs: Finish off your basement and stairs with a beautiful garage floor coating in Grand Rapids.

-Patios: Keep your patio water and slip resistant with one of our awesome floor coatings.

-Commercial Spaces: Make your floor match your business in less time than with traditional floors.

-Special Spaces: If you have a custom room we can develop a custom floor for it. Perfect for woodworking shops and craft rooms, these floors help to repair and protect concrete.

Textured Garage Flooring Options

cafe mocha flooring sample
Cafe Mocha 
santana flooring sample
saddletan flooring sample
Saddle Tan 

granite flooring sample
marble flooring sample

by on April 22, 2015