4 Benefits of Parking In The Garage


Do you have room to park your car in the garage? According to PR Newswire, 1 in 4 Americans say their garage is too cluttered to fit their car.


During this time of year in Grand Rapids it’s especially important to park in the garage. The garage not only keeps your car safe from different kinds of weather, but it also has many other benefits for yourself and your car.


By clearing out the clutter and installing proper storage in your garage, you will be able to enjoy these 4 benefits of parking in the garage.


Safety From The Elements


Winter months outside means your car is left to defend itself from snow, rain, and hail which can be harmful to the exterior. By parking your car inside the garage, your car will spend less time exposed to these elements and will be able to defrost inside.


The spring and summer months bring heat, dust and pesky birds, which can also have its effect on your car. Dust can be harmful to your engine and anything else the wind blows in or onto your car means money you’ll be spending in repairs. Birds are also a problem as their acidic droppings are not meant to stay on your paint, causing you to waste time and money on washing your car. Overtime, UV rays from the sun can damage the exterior paint of your car and anywhere in the interior that’s by a window.


Theft Or Vandalism


Leaving your car outside especially at night leaves it vulnerable to theft and vandalism. The Insurance Information Institute said, “about 6 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft in 2017.”


Theft occurs to the actual vehicle itself and parts of the car. Anything left in plain sight such as laptops, GPS systems, or wallets entice thieves to break into your car and even shatter the window to get inside. Some of the most common parts of the car stolen include radio, catalytic converters, battery, tires, and rims.


Cars that are left on the street have the potential of other cars passing by and knocking out a side mirror or the neighborhood kid accidentally throwing a ball through the window. The best way to truly avoid any of these occurrences is to park inside the garage.


Keep Your Engine Running


The fluids in your car are meant to stay at a stable temperature. Parking the car in the garage keeps it warmer so it can drive smoother. Extreme heat or cold can also crack seals and tubes that run throughout your engine, which can turn into an expensive fix.


You’ll also take a lot of pressure off the engine as a car parked in the garage will take a lot less time to heat up or cool off.


Safety For You


Whether you’re pulling in from a late dinner or leaving early for a trip, parking in the garage means you will be in a place that was locked. You can step inside the comfort of your own garage that is well lit and the door can be closed right behind you.


If you’re looking for an added bonus of safety for your garage, consider adding a sensor. The Roost Sensor attaches to your current opener and notifies you when your garage door was left opened or when it was opened at a time when it wasn’t supposed to be.


Don’t let clutter continue to stop you from parking in the garage. You and your car deserve the benefits of parking in the garage.


For a free estimate on garage storage and for any tips on garage organization give us a call today!