Top 10 Garage Items You Need In Your Life

If you love your garage just as much as the inside of your home (or want to) this your ultimate list. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 items, from local Grand Rapids businesses, that you need in your garage to take it from boring to amazing.

No one has room for bulky seats in their garage, so try out these stadium style seats from a local business. They’re super comfy and come in many different colors. With these seats you’ll want to watch every game in the garage.

Your ultimate garage isn’t complete without an epoxy floor coating. This flooring is both beautiful and functional. It’s color hides dirt easily and the epoxy chips increase slip resistance. And we don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we create the best epoxy flooring in the Grand Rapids area!

If you’re a lover of fast cars and good food, you’ve got to check out the Grand Rapids Garage Bar and Grill. It’s expression of the phrase “man cave” make it perfect for any garage enthusiast.

No garage is complete without a piece of art to express the owner’s unique style. Art Prize is an event where thousands of pieces of art, all styles and mediums, are displayed for the audience to vote on their favorites. Many of the pieces are available for sale. Even if you don’t find the perfect piece for your garage, you’ll be sure to gather inspiration and direction for the type of art you’d like.

No garage is complete without a fridge to keep your drinks cool and tasty. We love the product selection at Nawara Brothers Home Store. They give their customers amazing service and there’s a product for almost anyone’s style.

An essential to your ultimate garage is good lighting. Upgrade the lighting in your garage with work from Grand Rapids Lighting. You’ll love the extra light when you’re working on your next home improvement project.

If you’re a lover of hot rods, you’ll love this event. The 28th Street Metro-Cruise is a huge exhibition of the coolest cars. While you probably can’t take any of them home to your garage, you’ll still have a great time!

Get your car in tip-top shape with Westside Garage. The down-to-earth service and retro feel help us to rate it at the top of our list. There’s nothing quite like being super proud of your car, right?

Lock away unsightly items with garage cabinets made just for you. Pick a color and handle that suites your fancy. These cabinets will create a uniform, professional look, that you’ll absolutely love in your garage.

  • You!

It’s your unique mix of skills and hobbies that make the garage one of a kind! Display your favorite items for everyone to see and how you can be proud of them.